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COVID Safe hand hygiene dispenser stations with automatic hand sensor sanitising spray.

Keep your workplace safe and promote healthy hygiene practices to stop the COVID19 spread. 

Model: Hand Hygiene Station - COMPLETE
Hand Hygiene Station - COMPLETEThe complete solution for a free standing hand hygiene station. Built with solid metal base and 60mm aluminium post that allows attachment of sanitiser dispenser, basket, glove box holder and A3 poster frame. The base model includes one dispenser and one A3 poster fram..
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Sanitiser Floor Stand - BASIC Sanitiser Floor Stand - BASIC
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Model: Sanitiser Floor Stand - BASIC
Free Standing Hand Sanitiser Stand with Automatic Sensor Hand Sanitiser DispenserA simple Sanitiser Floor Stand built with metal and powder-coated in white. Each stand comes with automatic sanitiser dispenser. Ideal for high traffic areas used by patrons and employees, access encourages hand hygiene..
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